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Intelligent LED Induction Lamp-ESL-20

◆  Simple,portable and fashion design

◆ One Light Color(White light or Yellow light)

◆ Intelligent Human body Induction

◆  SOS help light function

◆ Brightness Increasing Gradually

◆  One button control,easy to use

◆  Built-in magnet,easy to install

◆  Built in battery,rechargeable cycle use






Intelligent LED Induction Lamp-ESL-20

Intelligent Human body Induction
The light will be auto-on when the motion is detected in the dark or night, auto-off after 15 seconds inactivity
When people come, the light will be turned on and when people leave, it will be turned off
One button control,easy to use
First short press the button,light will enter into always-on light mode
Second short press the button,light will flash 2 times into the induction light mode
Third short press the button,light will be turned off
Lightness Adjustment
When lamp is on always-on model,long press the button for 3 seconds to adjust the lightness
Brightness Increasing Gradually
The brightness will be gradually increased when the light is turned on, saving energy and protection your eyes
Light Brightness Memory
It will automatically recover to the previous brightness when the light is turned on,no need to repeat the adjustment
Built-in cable control function
When the external charging cable is connected with power, the light will always on; When it is unconnected,the induction mode is automatically entered
SOS Help Light
When lamp is on always-on mode,long press for 6 seconds to enter SOS help mode,very convenient for emergency and outside going
Built in battery,rechargeable cycle use
Built in 450mAh battery,when it is fully charged, it can be used continuously for 3-30 hours
Built-in magnet,easy to install
With built-in magnet, this lamp can be attached to any Iron place or any flat place with the 2pcs 3M adhesive Iron plate we provided.
Widely used in your life
You can use it in your bedroom, baby room, wardrobe, closet, cabinet, corridor, workshop, basement, garage, stairs, oil warehouses, roofs, doors, garage entrance and anywhere you want

Product Specification
Model Type
Product Size
Product Color
Power input
Induction distance
3 meters
Induction angle
<120 degree
LED Lamp Wattage
Color Temperature
2700K(Yellow light) or 4500K(White light)
Battery Type
Polymer lithium battery
Battery Capacity
Charging time
1-1.5 hours
Working time
3-30 hours(Always-on model)
3 months(Automatic induction mode)





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