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Dual Light Source Monitor Lamp-ESL-M3

◆  Eye-care Lamp

◆ Dual LED Light source(Main Light+Ambient Light)

◆ 60 degree asymmetric light source

◆  Three light color for your choose

◆  Touch control light turn on/off

◆  Touch control to change light color

◆  Touch control light brightness adjustment

◆ Light-Memory Function

◆  Easy to install and Saving Space






Dual Light Source Monitor Lamp-ESL-M3

Eye-care Lamp
No stroboscopic and low blue light,protect your eye
Dual LED Light source
This lamp is designed with two lighting sources(Main lighting and backside ambient light)
Ambient light can reduce the relative brightness, make the light softer and make the eyes more comfortable
Asymmetric light source
60 degree asymmetric light source design, directional projection, only illuminates the working and reading area of the desktop, and does not illuminate the screen,it can reduce screen reflections and make eyes less fatigued
Touch Control Design
You can touch control light turn on/off,changing light color and light brightness adjustment
Three light color
Three light color(Warm White Color/White color/Yellow color) for your choose
Light-Memory Function
While the light is turned on again, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find the light brightness and light color is the same with last working one
20 Degree Rotation
Lamp body can be adjusted at will at 20 degree to change the light source angle
Easy to install and Saving Space
You don’t require any auxiliary tools and can be easily fixed on the screen in 1 second,easy to install, also don’t occupy the desktop space
PS: With gravity bracket,it will be suitable for screens with a thickness of 0.5~3.2cm

Product Specification
Model Type
Product Size
20*20*410 mm
Aluminum Alloy+ABS
Product Color
Power input
LED Quantity
84pcs (Main Light 72pcs + Ambient Light 12pcs)
Color Temperature



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